Ralphi Rosario With Linda Clifford ‘Wanna Give It Up’ (Dr Packer’s Lego’s Dub Remix)

$Title:Ralphi Rosario With Linda Clifford ‘Wanna Give It Up’ (Dr Packer’s Lego’s Dub Remix); $Description:iTunes: http://po.st/rrlcwgiuit | Beatport: http://po.st/rrlcwgiubp | Traxsource: http://po.st/rrlcwgiuts | Google Play: http://po.st/rrlcwgiugp | Spotify: http://po.st/rrlcwgiusp | Apple Music: http://po.st/rrlcwgiuam | Deezer: http://po.st/rrlcwgiudz | Tidal: http://po.st/rrlcwgiutd

Ralphi Rosario is a pioneer of house music, kicking off an influential DJ career in Chicago when he was still in high school. The remixes and productions that followed have garnered him #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits as well as more than 20 well-respected years spinning records. He’s an artist who represents the ethos of Glitterbox Recordings, with decades of quality house music history woven into every beat. Also in line with the spirit of the label, ‘Wanna Give It Up’ is a classic track given some very tasteful modern updates, from Full Intention, Dr Packer and Jamie 3:26. Full Intention are first, employing their signature grooving bassline for a very bouncy little number. A suitably funked-up version from disco edits maestro Dr Packer is present and correct, alongside a ‘Disco Party Version’ from Chicagoan Jamie 3:26, amping the party up a further notch with some irresistible clinking percussion and a lazy-cool groove. Finally completing the package is the familiar ‘Légo’s Dub’ from the original release.; $Tags:; $TrackUrl:http://ift.tt/2w9u1ms; $Username:Glitterbox; $UserProfileUrl:http://ift.tt/1APfRHx; $ImageUrl:http://ift.tt/2w9iH9N; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:July 21, 2017 at 10:44AM;

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