OSCAR G ~ MADE In MIAMI Mix ~ July 2017

$Title:OSCAR G ~ MADE In MIAMI Mix ~ July 2017; $Description:Yo.. it’s hot AF!
This is a taste of what the Summer has sounded like so far..
Here is your monthly dose of fresh BEATS.
I hope to see you on a dance floor soon.

I appreciate all your kind words and support.
Thank you for listening!!

-OG; $Tags:djoscarg305, house, afro, BEATS, Techno, “OSCAR G”, “MADE in MIAMI”, “DJ Oscar G “; $TrackUrl:http://ift.tt/2eZmDpl; $Username:DJ Oscar G; $UserProfileUrl:http://ift.tt/1fdS5mF; $ImageUrl:http://ift.tt/2eZlpuc; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:July 28, 2017 at 02:22AM;

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