You Are (From 2005) — JHOUSEDJ Beats Podcast – April 2012

YOWSA! This really dislodged some good memories for me – hope it does for you too!

You Are – ??
How Would U Feel? (Peter Rauhofer Edit) – David Morales feat. Lea Lorien
The Afterparty – Wawa
First Reunion – Ralphi Rosario and Martin Fry
Pump It Up! – Danzel
Been A Long Time – The Fog
Beat the Drums – DJ Fist
Iberican Sound (Pete Tha Zouk Remix) – Chus & Ceballos
Addicted (Do It Now Bootleg) – Eday
Lose My Breath (?? Remix) – Destiny’s Child
Brazen Weep (Junior’s Arena Anthem) – Skunk Anansie
It’s Over It’s Under (Victor Calderone’s Club Mix) – Dollshead
How Could I Lie? (Ralphis Club Anthem) – Angel

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