Todd Terry presents InHouse Radio 001

$Title:Todd Terry presents InHouse Radio 001; $Description:Debut episode – Todd Terry presents InHouse Radio 001
01. David Anthony – Live Right
02. Little Boots – No Pressure (Dub)
03. Todd Terry & Man Without A Clue – Bass Pump (Tee’s Mix)
04. No Artificial Colours – Twisted
05. Bontan – Firefly
06. Robbie Rivera & Todd Terry – Sume Sigh Sey (Oscar G 305 Mix)
07. Todd Terry – Bounce 2 The Beat
08. Smokin’ Beats – Dreams (Tough Love Remix)
09. Bob Sinclar & Todd Terry – I Feel For You
10. Skapes – Back To The Hood
11. Todd Terry & Roland Clark – Tee’s Church
12. Denis Quin – Wicked Love
13. Todd Terry & Stuart Ojelay – Leaving Me
14. Chris Brown – Ad Me In (Todd Terry Remix)
15. Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Todd Terry Remix)
16. Todd Terry – Rock 2 Da Beat; $Tags:InHouse, Podcast, “Todd Terry”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Todd Terry-InHouseRecords; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:February 01, 2016 at 03:25PM;

Andy Caldwell & Paul Harris Feat. Anduze – As Far As This Train Goes (Todd Terry Remix)

$Title:Andy Caldwell & Paul Harris Feat. Anduze – As Far As This Train Goes (Todd Terry Remix); $Description:Out now on MURK


Beatport; $Tags:anduze, murk, “paul harris”, “todd terry”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:murkrecords; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:February 10, 2016 at 03:55AM;


$Title:LIVE FROM DISTRIKT @ BURNING MAN, CARAVANSARI 2014 (NEVADA USA) FREE DOWNLOAD; $Description:We have no words to describe how amazing our first Burning Man experience was! First of all we’d like to remark the great hospitality that we’ve got from the Distrikt camp crew, they were like family to us, big thanks to what we found one of the best camps on Playa. We’ve been in many festivals around the world but nothing can bit what we felt at Black Rock Desert, that week was a life-changing experience, the fact that is a non profit gathering where there is not any economical interest make the festival a pure and genuine experience, you can feel like a global connection of people that are sharing the same love for the art, music and friendship, everybody is helping each other and collaborating in add something good and personal to the festival experience. To drive on the Playa surrounded by all that art in the desert, the art-vehicles and the creativity that you see on everybody’s dressing, camp and party set ups, its one of the most beautiful and inspirational thing we’ve seen in our lives. The highlight of the trip was with no doubt our performance at Distrikt camp, that beautiful party at sunset had one of the best crowd and energy we’ve ever seen. Burning man was an epic experience that hooked us up for now on and many years to come :)
Here you have the last 2 hours of our set at Distrikt, if you were there, bring back the memories, goosebump!

Sunset Last 2 hours Closing Set Track List

01 Coyu feat Cari Golden – Profound Pleasure -Defected
02 Dosem – Chase The Link -Suara
03 Polyrhythm, MKTL – Reach Out (Personal Jesus Private Edit)
04 Gary Beck feb. Debra Debs – Get Together -Bek Audio
05 Samuel L Sessions feat. Paris The Black Fu – Can You Relate -Klap Klap
06 Sam Paganini – Polyester -Cocoon
07 Donna Summer – I Feel Love 2014 Private Edit
08 Jaydee – Plastic Dreams Private Edit
09 Murk feat. Oba Frank Lords – Dark Beat (Danny Daze Mix) Nervous
10 MOD3RN – MO1
11 Lambda – Hold On Tight (Wehbba 2014 Mix) Tronic
12 Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix)
13 M83 – Midnight City (Chus & Ceballos Private Mix)
14 Moby, Skylar Grey – The Last Day (Coyu, Ramiro Lopez Mix)
15 Alan Fitzpatrick – The Tetra -Drumcode
16 Danniel Selfmade & Charlie Demir – Libre La Vida (Javi Colors Mix) -Stereo Prod
17 R.E.M – Loosing My Religion (David Herrero Private Mix)
18 Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up (Billy Jean Mash)
19 Bob Sinclar – Save Our Soul
20 The XX – Crystalised (Edu Imbernon Remix)
21 M83 – Outro
; $Tags:caravansari, “burning man 2014”, “sunset dj set”, “iberican sound”, “FREE DOWNLOAD”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Chus & Ceballos; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:September 10, 2014 at 02:44AM;

Black Party 2012 part 5 – Chus + Ceballos

$Title:Black Party 2012 part 5 – Chus + Ceballos; $Description:Part 1 of Chus + Ceballos’ set for RITES XXXIII: The Black Party 2012.; $Tags:The, Black, PArty, Chus, Ceballos; $TrackUrl:; $Username:The Saint At Large; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 23, 2012 at 10:19AM;

OSCAR G ~ MADE in MIAMI Mix 10/17/12

$Title:OSCAR G ~ MADE in MIAMI Mix 10/17/12; $Description:Fresh Beats for your iPod!
This should get you by till the weekend..
Thank you for your support;); $Tags:OSCAR, G, MADE, IN, MIAMI, HOUSE, MUSIC, DJ, LIVE, SET; $TrackUrl:; $Username:DJ Oscar G; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:October 18, 2012 at 02:59PM;


$Title:OSCAR G – LIVE @ SPACE MIAMI – 2003; $Description:Here is your monthly dose of BEATS..

This is a throw-back!
This set was recorded live at Space Miami back in 2003.
This was in the third year of my 10 year weekly residency there.
I would play 10+ hour sets every Saturday.
This set was specifically recorded for a project released on my late friend Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69 LABEL.
Peter asked me to just do my thing and record what a real night at Space felt like. This is a chunk from that night.

I hope you enjoy..

Thanks for listening!
I appreciate all your kind words and support.

You can purchase the full set on Beatport if interested.
Click on BUY link.; $Tags:SPACE, “LIVE SET”, “HOUSE MUSIC”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:DJ Oscar G; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:January 28, 2016 at 10:28PM;

Chus & Ceballos – Keep It Dancin’ Feat. El Chino (Supernova Remix)

$Title:Chus & Ceballos – Keep It Dancin’ Feat. El Chino (Supernova Remix); $Description:; $Tags:Techno, Supernova, “Deep House”, “Chus & Ceballos”, “Fernando Campo”, “El Chino Dreadlion”, “Stereo Productions”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Stereo Productions Group; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:January 29, 2016 at 06:10AM;

You Used To Hold Me (DJ Chus & David Penn Remix) [Defected]

$Title:You Used To Hold Me (DJ Chus & David Penn Remix) [Defected]; $Description:Ralphi Rosario feat. Xaviera Gold – You Used To Hold Me (DJ Chus & David Penn Remix)

@ 2012 Defected Records
included at DJ Chus House Masters

Release Date: April 2012; $Tags:djchus, chus, defected, beatport, classichousemusic, wmc2012, davidpenn, ibericanleague, housemasters, djchus&davidpenn, “ralphi rosario”, “xaviera gold”, “house music”, “defected in the house”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Chus & Ceballos; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:March 24, 2012 at 10:34PM;