Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space – Reach For Me (Long Ass Mix)

$Title:Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space – Reach For Me (Long Ass Mix); $Description:; $Tags:Murk, Dance, Electronic, “Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space”, “Funky Green Dogs”, “Reach For Me”, “Murk Records”, “Nervous Records”, “Oscar G”, “Ralph Falcon”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Nervous Inc.; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 26, 2015 at 03:20PM;

[Suara 115] Dosem – Urban Shelter (Original Mix) Snippet

$Title:[Suara 115] Dosem – Urban Shelter (Original Mix) Snippet; $Description:Dosem knows how to do quality stuff. He is one of our favourite kitties and he knows it. “Urban Code” is a full techno EP where you can find sweet vocals, harmonic bassline and melodic synths. The spanish has produced two tracks and we don’t know which one is better. Judge yourself!
Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by

Supported by:
Mark Knight, Adam Beyer, John Digweed, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Pleasurekraft, Butch, Jay Lumen, Stacey Pullen, Vince Watson, Noir, Karotte, Nicole Moudaber, Edu Imbernon and many more!; $Tags:; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Suara; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:December 03, 2013 at 05:04AM;


$Title:Pig&Dan “SANDSTORM”; $Description:HERE COMES A HELL OF A STORM : ))

; $Tags:”tech house”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:ELEVATE; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 09, 2014 at 11:05AM;

Square Pegs, Round Holes – 5 Years of Snatch! – MINIMIX

$Title:Square Pegs, Round Holes – 5 Years of Snatch! – MINIMIX; $Description:Pre-order Album on iTunes:

Square Pegs, Round Holes: 5 Years of SNATCH! is a new mix album celebrating the 5th anniversary of one of the most individual, unpredictable and dynamic record labels in dance music, boasting 15 previously unreleased records and 15 SNATCH! classics.

Square Pegs, Round Holes: 5 Years of SNATCH! has been personally compiled and mixed by Riva Starr and includes 15 previously unreleased records, as well as 15 of the best-loved tracks from the label’s history: a fitting celebration of an imprint without which the dance music landscape would be decidedly less diverse.

Says Riva Starr of the new compilation: “I asked all the family crew to cook up their best possible plates and also wanted to involve some friends of the label, people I respect as producers. The result for me is amazing: I’m really proud of it and couldn’t think to a better way to celebrate our first 5 years.

“With SNATCH! We have managed to have our own sound and approach to music, and people really recognize it. in the past I’ve had producers tell me, “Hey I just did this tune and I think it sounds very SNATCH!”… and I’m like a proud dad!

Unreleased tracks from the likes of Tuccillo, Pirupa, Ki Creighton and Riva Starr himself exhibit the wealth of talent involved with the label over the years, while Snatch! favourites in the shape of Kaiserdisco ‘Alkaline’, Santos ‘Let It B’, Adam Port ‘Symphony’ (Leon Remix) and David Keno ‘Upside Down’ demonstrate to newcomers to the imprint just why it’s held in such high regard by artists and fans alike. ; $Tags:Pegs, Round, Holes, -, Defected, Pre-Order, iTunes, “Riva Starr”, “Tech House”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Snatch! Records; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 11, 2015 at 03:03PM;

Premiere: Spencer Parker ‘Rights For Men’ (House Of Ties remix)

$Title:Premiere: Spencer Parker ‘Rights For Men’ (House Of Ties remix); $Description:

Berlin-living Londoner Spencer Parker deals in the harder side of house, releasing gorgeous flavours like ‘Show Him You’re The One’, ‘Change Yo Beat’ and last year’s ‘Rights For Men’.

Since debuting on Cr2 Records sub-label C2 Trax in 2005, he’s gone on to release on Tsuba, Rekids, Saved Records with his ‘A Gun For Hire’ album and Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings. He’s gathered a tasty list of supporters along the way, with Italojohnson, Answer Code Request and Ryan Elliot all remixing some of his tunes.

The ‘Rights For Men’ remix package is coming on Work Them Records next week and Mr Ties, Adriana Lopez and Young Male will be added to that list. ; $Tags:Mixmag, Exclusive, Premiere, “Spencer Parker”, “Mr Ties”, “Work Them Records”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Mixmag; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 22, 2015 at 08:50AM;

Marco Lys & Ivan Pica- Dawn -(original mix) snippet

$Title:Marco Lys & Ivan Pica- Dawn -(original mix) snippet; $Description:OUT NEXT JUNE 15TH – Incorrect rec.; $Tags:IVANPICA, MARCOLYS, INCORRECTRECORDS, ANTHONYATTALLA, DAWN; $TrackUrl:; $Username:IVANPICA; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 22, 2015 at 02:11PM;

Jennifer | Sunday School Sessions: Episode 044

$Title:Jennifer | Sunday School Sessions: Episode 044; $Description:For our 44th episode we introduce the world premiere of Miss Jennifer’s deeper side… Jennifer. Turn this up for your Memorial Day celebrations!; $Tags:Jennifer, awakenings, “Miss Jennifer”, “sunday School”, “electric zoo”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Sunday School; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:May 21, 2015 at 09:41AM;

‘Catch The Light’ (Man Without A Clue Remix Preview)

$Title:’Catch The Light’ (Man Without A Clue Remix Preview); $Description:; $Tags:”Man Without A Clue”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:Soul Divide; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:January 13, 2015 at 02:47PM;

Paul C & Paolo Martini – Upsidown

$Title:Paul C & Paolo Martini – Upsidown; $Description:A lot has changed after our two Italian friends Paolo Martini & Paul C released their last Terminal M EP in October 2013. Their career exploded with fantastic tracks on 8bit and Moon Harbour and just received another upgrade on Saved Records where a new Riva Starr Edit from their Terminal M classic ‘Take Some Time’ was released. So it’s good to have the boys back on the mothership with a great fourtracker.

Check:; $Tags:1987, Upsidown, “Paolo Martini”, “Terminal M”, “Monika Kruse”; $TrackUrl:; $Username:terminalm; $UserProfileUrl:; $ImageUrl:; $EmbedCode:; $CreatedAt:March 10, 2015 at 10:52AM;